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Jonathan J. Halperin
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Presentations and Events: Upcoming and Recent

Beyond client engagements, Mr. Halperin has been invited to present his thoughts and ideas before myriad audiences in the US and internationally. He relishes opportunities to speak across issue and organizational silos, to creatively provoke audiences, and to seed new ideas through presenting at and participating in events. The range of issues and places is captured in the examples below.

  • Presentations at the Sustainable Food Lab, discussions at CERES, and moderating panels at the James Beard Foundation
  • Orchestrating and presenting at major events at the Museum of Natural History in Copenhagen during the climate change Conference of Parties (COP) and at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC, for SustainAbility
  • Creating the Policy Leadership Forum at Resources for the Future (as a new vehicle to host Senator Joe Lieberman and other thought leaders such as then-Senator Barack Obama) and engaging in public conversations with leaders such as Achim Steiner (UNEP Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations), Eric Schmidt (Excecutive Chairman, Google), or C. Douglas McMillon (CEO and President, Walmart).

(To view samples of Mr. Halperin’s presentations at film screenings, the James Beard Foundation Food Conference, COP-15 and on the National Mall in Washington, DC, please visit Jonathan J. Halperin's Vimeo page.)

 Jonathan J Halperin's Vimeo Page

Upcoming Events

1st Quarter 2018
  • The Conscious Benefit Business Summit
    The Premier Education Event at the Intersection of Conscious Leadership, Workplace Culture and Sustainable Business
    A Virtual Online Event
    (January 8-12, 2018)

Recent Events

    Business Not as Usual: Sustainability in an Age of Disruption
    Boston, MA
    (May 2016)
  • Brown Advisory
    Navigating Our World: Moral Courage in a Time of Disruption
    Washington, DC
    (April 2016)
  • Setting a Bigger Table
    Washington Association of Regional GrantMakers 2014 Annual Meeting
    Washington, DC
    (November 2014)

Authenticity and Empathy in the American Food System
A Place at the Table
What are the Ingredients of Trust?

What is the Modern Corporation?
Autonomous Technology
I really want to like Walmart, but I don't. At least not yet.
Cities of the Future
Finding North
Time and Money
Farm Bill and Foreign Aid
Rational Middle and Social Ballast
Beyond Pie Charts

Selected Previous Events

  • "Communications Challenges in the New Russian Foundation"
    Public Relations Society of America
    (January 1995)
  • "Ukraine: Planting Now for Future Harvest"
    US-NIS Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    (March 1994)
  • "Russian Telecommunications Opportunities and Challenges"
    (January 1994)
  • Klipstein Lecture Series, Rutgers Prepatory School
    (March 1992)
  • "Opportunities in the Soviet Union for U.S. Suppliers of Bottled Water and Point of Use Equipment and Services"
    (November 1991)
  • "Information: A Strategy for Economic Growth"
    Special Libraries Association
    (November 1991)
  • "Covering the New US-Soviet Relations"
    National Press Club
    (October 1991)
  • "Information for Soviet Entrepreneurship"
    Mission to Moscow
    (April 1991)
  • "Exporting/Importing"
    New York University
    (May 1991)
  • Keenan Institute Panel Discussion on Aid to St. Petersburg
    (February 1991)
  • "The Soviet Perspective on Business Information"
    Ron Coplen Leadership Address
    (January 1991)
  • "American Business and the Global Environment"
    Department of State
    (June 1990)
  • "Forest Products Exports II: Accessing World Markets"
    Southeastern International Trade Conference
    (April 1990)
  • "The Opening of the Soviet Market: Implications for Perestroika for Global Business"
    Business Week
    (December 1989)
  • First National Conference on Market Opportunities for Pollution Control Services, Systems and Technologies in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
    (October 1989)
  • "The Soviet-American Relationship: USA/USSR Global Policy in Transition"
    International Exchange Conference
    (October 1989)

Jonathan Halperin asks important questions, forces you to think strategically with an outcome orientation, and isn’t afraid to totally re-imagine the way of doing something to achieve desired objectives. Working with Jonathan to plan our annual conference of thought-leaders in food and other impact programs of the James Beard Foundation for several years has been an enlightening and rewarding experience. We feel smarter and more effective for having worked with him.

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